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So continuing the "I did nothing creative oh wait I did this" trend:

I've been moving servers and setting things up on FreeBSD rather than Linux, because in many cases, Linux isn't needed and fuck systemd. And while I could run devuan for some things, I only need FreeBSD for others, and let's just do that. So been doing some interesting conversions and so on which has been interesting (but not really things to document here.) But it has also given me the ability to soon get a webthing going which is important for the other thing - the show bit.

Scenesat, as you may or may not know, is something I've been involved with since basically day 1 of Scenesat, a year before the launch. And we're kinda rebooting it, and I took over the part with the playlist (which is something that has bothered me for a bit.)

See, scenesat never was about "only demoscene music" (and an initial thing I mentioned on the launch show points out that demoscene music is not a genre, it is a collection of music, in many genres, that happen to be made by sceners and may, or may not, be used in demos.) It was about the scene, it's music, and the music that sceners make and enjoy - either inside or outside the demoscene. So things like a commercial tune from a scener like Xerxes is totally something we're down with playing.

Somehow over the years that has evolved into a load of music that has nothing to do with the scene being put up and "promoted" (which is basically what happens when a tune gets played 100 times a year on scenesat.) Music which may or may not be really well produced, but the authors ... well they may even be on a commercial release, and the artists making it are certainly not promoting the scene or the community. And my feeling is that's fine for one or two tracks but when you are listening for a 3 hour period and 0 scene related tracks are played ... we may not be doing our job promoting the scene and it's musicians.

So I'd like to get more music from sceners in, and that includes some periods and artists that somehow aren't in the rotational. Like Dune. How we don't have any Dune tracks is beyond me, I have played some in shows and it's just ... I don't get it. Sure, not every Dune track is all that listenable - I had a rather famous "Dune Sucks" period and was very anti-Dune at one point when I was being rather obtuse (something all sceners go thru, sometimes more than once.) (Yes all sceners.)

Anyway so I was starting the list and came across the "Planet Scene" collection, which I thought was more prevalent. Turns out I may be the only person who has a copy... it's a collection that Crest put together (Crest is no longer with us, he jumped off a bridge after Evoke, right after I said "no more suicides" at Evoke. Still a bit pissed at him for that, I meant NO MORE SUICIDES not GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE. I don't understand how that was not clear. Or if it was clear and he just decided to ignore it, well that pisses me off. But that was Crest. Independent to a rather extreme fault.) But the things that made him difficult at times also made him a good source of a music list that not everyone would come up with. It has more Polish/Eastern block stuff than you find in some collections, and a good selection of DOS and early Windows stuff. Which, well, we can use.

So anyway what happened was after Ziphoid and Bombe said they had no idea about it, and not finding links to it on the net, I decided to turn it into a show. Then I realized it would be more than one show.

And we have said we need more shows on Scenesat. So... I scheduled 4, one each week for 4 weeks. This will NOT cover all the music, I'll have to do more, possibly 8 will cover it? Maybe 10?

Anyway Sunday was the first one and it went very poorly, with my USB Soundcard deciding halfway thru the show (after some other faulty things) that it was done accepting power from the socket, so... I had to reschedule, and while the soundcard DID work again after I messed with it a bit, it did not today... so I got out the older M-Audio usb soundcard and used it. It worked, and it was a good show.

And I got some more info about the tracks, will put them in a list for scenesat, and allow folks to say whether or not they think the track is good for the rotational or not.

So yeah, here's a link to the show: < playlist < show itself

-- oh and my OSSC showed up finally, and the Amiga works great on it. C64/C128 need a RGB converter but I have a solution for that already that works well enough. Will try to do some more Amiga stuff on the actual Amiga soon.

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oh and the K is about Dune's K, which ... did not get played, but came up in discussion.

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