antiprocrastination song

antiprocrastination song

by Artie Breakfast

Antiprocrastination Song was not really paid attention to.

Part of this is the whole debacle with Intel, and then the debacle with Intel/AMD/Arm. It means I have tons of servers to update and all that. And with a data center closing soon, needing to get the machines elsewhere, well.

So work is mainly, right now, planning of updates. (I will not explain because if it were in my hands, we would be updating on a rolling schedule already. I have suggested such as the plan to be safest, obviously. However not all stakeholders are within the company and yeah it's not the most optimal setup, and then there's the legal part and hey let's worry a lot!)

So this weekend has been, aside from that sort of thing, dealing with inability to sleep at proper hours, insomnia, and excessive lengths of time between far too long sleeping sessions.

I did write up the things I am wanting to work on, except I left out the scenesat playlist thing which I need to work on. So there is a BIT of non-progress that may help to get toward progress.

Also I may have developed worse carpal tunnel ): Hopefully not. My right wrist hurts tho. Between this and my eyes going worse, well, yay for things. I have hair and teeth.

Anyway it's not a complete failure because I wrote this up marking that I must do better. Instead of just letting it go by. Also I did manage to get some things accomplished, just all emergency - and well ok I also watched Wrestle Kingdom 12. That was planned tho for several weeks and was with various peeps. Probably good to get out of house and go somewhere other than work as well.

Oh yeah and then there was visiting with people on the 1st and 2nd.

It's been a wierd week of worry and all kinds of things since then.

(and another work thing involving auditing source code which I need to resume in around 5 hours.)