I the did stuffs?

I the did stuffs?

by Artie Breakfast

Not really, as it's been very busy with various odd things with the servers, data center, and work. And a general lack of practice for "doing things at the office and coming home and doing other things."

A certain person I know has also been having some issues with a "thing" that is now "live" and eventually will, likely, be available for a demo platform - for a few days. Wild thing. But we've got through the rediculous issues dealing with trying to set up a local wifi thing that supports 50+ devices from a particular manufacturer who is ... their devices are not exactly... yeah I wouldn't really reccomend them despite their being available a lot in Finland. (I helped a tiny bit with some networking, server, and pi bits: mainly hardware lending, possible configs, preventing the person from going completely insane, and suggestions of what maybe not to do) But the main thing is that it is up and that was something that I did recently that was somewhat creative and helpful. Maybe. (It also was done with hangover)

And that leads to a project reworking the networking in the apartment because that needs to be done. Also work gave me an iphone6s, which when broken will be better than this craptastic work-android-thing which, well, I will miss K9 mail (unless it exists for osX, haven't looked) but I will NOT miss the part where I wake up, look at the phone, and it has enabled some bullshit I don't want again. It's Chinese, obviously, and I would put another firmware on it IF I had time to build it completely. Which I do not, as I don't understand that process yet - because it's java and fuck java.

BUT - despite having pikkujoulut this weekend, I did some things with a new toy - basically I wanted another 60% mechanical keyboard, because I like them, and need mechanical keyboards. MAINLY for the programmability and the fact that they feel proper. I prefer mx blue, but this one is red, so it's not as noisy (though it's me so there is definately a sound when I am hammering the keyboard.) Anyway this particular brand (Corsair) happens to have a programming interface, and it has software to work with it - for Windows. But someone at Corsair a while back said "anyone interested if we do a osX/Linux thing" and people obviously said yes; and then a while later he didn't have time to work on it further so some others picked it up and added some things. Bottom line: Pretty much complete control, and it seems that the way it's implemented allows animations via the machine attached. (color goes into firmware tho.) So... yeah even the basic programs included, when combined, make some really neat things, and I have some ideas and stuff.

So hi yes I'm trying to get back on the horse this week and start doing things, it's getting dark and there is a ton of stuff to do yet this year.