Little bits of progress

Little bits of progress

by baggers

Hi again! This last week has gone pretty well. Shared contexts have landed in CEPL master, the only host that supports them right now is SDL2 although I want to make a PR to CEPL.GLFW as it should be easy to support there also. Glop is proving a little harder as we really need to update the OSX support, I started poking at it but it's gonna take a while and I've got a bunch of stuff on my plate right now.

I started looking at multi-draw & indirect rendering in GL as I think these are the features I want to implemented next. However I immediately ran into existing CEPL bugs in defstruct so I think the next few weeks are going to be spent cleaning that up and fixing the struct related issues from github.

AAAAges back I promised beginner tutorials for common lisp and I totally failed to deliver. I had been hoping the Atom support would get good enough that we could use that in the videos. Alas that project seems to have slowed down recently[0] and my guilt finally reached the point that I had to put out something. To that end I have started making a whole bunch of little videos on random bits of common lisp. Although it doesnt achieve what I'd really like to do with proper tutorials, I hope it will help enough people on their journey into the language.

That's all for now, Peace.

[0] although I'm still praying it get's finished