Some more tool stuff yey

Some more tool stuff yey

by ferris

This week I didn't do much during the week except some rubik's cube stuff because why the hell not. But in the weekend I got cracking on some long overdue demotool cleanups/improvements!

More specifically I made a couple major changes:

  • Asset files are now resolved relative to the project directory, not the tool directory. This mostly just means that the assets are much cleaner and don't get b0rked when I continue to play with stuff after releasing demos, and as we change some of the underlying project stuff we can update all of the project files without much effort.
  • We have cut/copy/paste in the operator editor now! It uses the system clipboard too so we can copy/paste the operator xml between demotivation and other editors. This also allows us to copy/paste between projects easily (in theory at least).

I also made some minor changes including refactoring text asset watching so now we can live reload font files, fixing some file watching stuff to handle Windows being case insensitive, error refactorings, and changing primitive operators to only use one operator type with an argument that specifies which primitive to draw (which frees up keyboard space and will make it less intrusive to add instancing later). I even went through the JIT code to make sure we go through intermediate regs a bit less often, which isn't something we needed, but something I saw while doing other refactorings and was trivial to fix. :)

So yeah, lots of things, and it feels good to dig in after awhile while we have so much time before the next prod :) . Still a ways to go I think before we have something that feels more like the "gpu playground" that I want eventually - but for now I'm pretty satisfied with my work this weekend. :)

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