by ferris

Last couple weeks were pretty crazy; ended up going to the US for some work stuff and then returning to Europe less than a week later for TRSAC, which was fun as always :D

As far as actually doing stuff goes, I started looking into doing a ZPAQ-like bytecode for my 64k packer that will allow the genetic algorithm to not only change simple model parameters, but explore entirely different model configurations as well. This is a bit of work to implement so I don't have it working yet, but it may lead to some fun stuff in a little bit. :)

Also for TRSAC we put out a little track called Hellbound, which I think turned out pretty rad, especially considering how little time we had to work on it. And album art by Zach! Fun stuff in there :D

Until next time :)

Last Edited on Mon Oct 23 2017 04:09:52 GMT-0400 (EDT)