Small facelift

Small facelift

by ferris

This week not much was done, but still some stuff.. here goes :)

The main things I ended up doing were demotivation-related. The first was a small facelift which you can see in this entry's screenshot. This mostly consisted of changing the look of the grid editor a bit to make it a bit darker/sleeker, as well as filling in some of the customization stuff in the tool's qt stylesheet so that stuff like scrollbars and widget borders didn't stick out like a sore thumb. This was nice and easy as I had removed mac support from the tool earlier in the week since none of us are using it anymore, so I only had to test on one OS.

The other main thing I did was finally upgrade which version of Rust we use to build stuff. Our tool code has always been forward-compatible and hasn't had any issues, but the packed intro code has a lot of specific bootstrapping/linking details that sometimes change between versions, so we were locked to an older version (from last October!) for some time until I could dig in and resolve the differences. It turns out this wasn't that bad at all; after some help from the Rust community I was able to get us on the system allocator and fix some symbol resolution issues, and beyond that it just worked. However, this increased our output size by a couple kb, and I haven't looked into that yet, but it should be easier now that we're on a more up-to-date and customizable setup.

After doing some more cleanup with lower level stuff I'd like to take some cleanup passes in the tool. It's not desperately needed, but seeing as we don't have a prod coming up, it'd be nice to use the more chilled time to fix these things in case we want to do something for TRSAC or something.. but we'll see about that. Would also be nice to get back on some exe packing stuff, which is where my brain seems to be going these days anyways... :)