by Artie Breakfast

So there was a JML17 party, and a thing, and I will detail a bit about it later.

for some reason slack is being ... slack.

I'm going to bitch about slack for a minute because I can't go to the "M" slack right now because sadly another slack added my email there and ... cross-pollination ): And apparently, just being logged in - in another browser - is causing slack to send the responses for futc slack to ... the other browser, because they are not coming back to firefox.

There are existing technologies which work better, yet people continually add things to slack. This is really getting frustrating as when I'm asked to participate, I'm going to have to say "no." And that seems like a very shitty thing to do. The alternative, of course, is to jump about, set up a vpn tunnel, create a new fake mail, and probably violate a slack terms of service. Yay.

Anyway the code bits - I want to cover that in more detail and will later, but I have a work thing to do, and I have to reboot this machine to do it.