by Artie Breakfast

This week has been a lovely combination of too much hitting at once, waiting upon answers, and dissapointment, so... I was fairly unable to function Thu/Fri/Sat morning, but then at the last Klubi make-things which I refuse to call Klubi:Create because that name sucks...

I tried to implement a thing that is based on an Amiga feedback effect, and through several iterations have something that is ... buggy, but similar to the effect.

Hopefully I'll have some time tommorrow to look at it in the evening, and HOPEFULLY Monday I'll get a message that this issue of having no moneez will end soon. And then I can destress a bit and get some stuff accomplished. Or destress and discover that I still can't get anything accomplished because of the amount of previous stress being so deep that I'm just not able to engage properly for several weeks.

But hopefully.

Anyway. Thing. Sort of got somewhere. Yay.

Artie Breakfast commented

oh and I messed with the rpi stuff yesterday for a bit and got somewhere sort of with it, at least I got one rebuilt that had died when the power got cut in July.

on Sat Aug 26 2017 17:06:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)