Evoke live show prep

Evoke live show prep

by ferris

This week I mainly dug around some MSX info sites to wrap my head around some more mem mapping stuff, and still haven't nailed that yet. But besides that (and rearranging my apt a bit) I ended up starting work on getting the demotool ready for our Evoke live set in two weeks :) .

Mainly all I really need is to throw together a big project of various effects - some random stuff, some scenes from previous demos, and perhaps some new stuff - into one big project, and rig it with midi support. I started with the technical bits, and got a fullscreen mode hacked in (currently just sets the window to fullscreen mode and hides some controls, yey), as well as cleaning up some tests we still had left over from Revision and implementing an expression type for getting midi CC signals. So now we can do stuff like this:

logoFade = midiCC("Akai MPD26", 11) * 4.0

And it all fits together quite nicely!

So that's about it. Next up will be putzing at this stuff more over the next two weeks, and hopefully landing on evoke with a bang :)

Until next time!