by Artie Breakfast

So this weekend was Assembly, and there was much stuff that went on, preparation and so on for demoshow, not so much on the broadcast prep side, but loads on the planning side (which is sort of all in head, thus partially why I am writing it down now.)

I believe that we will have demoshows again next year, and for that, I will need to have slides or a slide-making thing. Just having the background will work, but being able to generate slides fast - for last minute "ok this does not work on the machines" or "well this file is corrupt" or - I said last minute. For last minute fixes.

The demoshow was complimented and - I forgot to put the list up, I need to do that.

It was complimented for having many demos that people had not seen. This needs to continue. I know it says 'Best' but that's 100% subjective and quite frankly 'best' is not always 'popular.' Which is why Moppi was #2 for years, and why Kewlers productions are still shown and no one remembers the winners (ok the Unreal Voodoo demo - some of us remember that (: )

Next year's show will possibly just end up being everything from Tpolm/Rustbloom to the end in a slightly different order (meaning CNCDFLT first, but definately keep the contrast between Epoch and Melancholy.)

  • Get Demoilta thing built, even an alpha for this month would be good, need it for seeing demos and knowing where to pull hidden gems.

  • remember the Graffathon winner for a suggestion for nomination for the awards next year

  • go to Graffathon and Instanssi next year (been invited personally to both so... yeah.)

I am still damaged from bzm so I follow up on this more later.