by Artie Breakfast

So there was this thing called Revision and we went and it kicked ass.

I ran the ansi/ascii/petscii compo, tho it had no petscii. And no ascii. But it had the return of FUEL, which was awesome. Also I did some debugging of Sahli with Moqui as he'd added some code to support some things. Was good to have another contributor on it.

That said my actual participation there was limited to 'on site' and not much pre-stuff, which is documented here in terms of "depression" and I can say that Revision has solved that issue. YAY!

So what did I do this week?

Well, first I recovered from Revision, which did take a bit. Then I got into Amiga Blitting, and I have some good documentation on the expiriments, and now I'm wanting to do some code, which I will be doing in a second after posting this.

Now this may not seem like much but I actually understand some of the things I didn't before, and thus, I can write the stuff more properly and not wonder wtf. 3 weeks ago my blit code worked, but I'm now sure it won't work for what I was going to do, as it didn't actually mask anything. Which I need for the effect I want.

Anyway - going to go code.

-- You know, grafx2 just doens't feel as ... natural as Swankage Paint. I need to fix Swankage.

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  • whoops, forgot something:

DID check out the videos of some of the seminars. (Also loads of people commented on my reactions to things so I had to watch those. But.)

The bits h0ffman did about music, and those punqutured did, were... well I have some ideas now (:

on Mon Apr 24 2017 14:12:37 GMT-0400 (EDT)