Revision: Full Force, Part 1

Revision: Full Force, Part 1

by ferris

This week we really kicked off stuff for our Revision 64k. I can't share that many details of what exactly we're doing, but we're basically in the "throw things at the wall and see what sticks" phase anyways, so yeah..

What I can say is we got our rendering pipeline in place along with some neat tricks for indirect lighting. I also ended up adding a very basic profiler in the tool:

Basically this allows us to place sampling points in the operator grid, which will call glFinish and sample time both on their way into the subgraph and on their way out. These start/end times are combined and tagged with a name, so we end up with a bunch of events that happened during the frame. The UI just samples the events from the previous frame every 500ms, plots them on a graph, adds labels, and bam! Extremely simple yet extremely useful rendering data :)

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