Hacking the Zelda Machine

Hacking the Zelda Machine

by ferris

So this week, the Switch came out, and I got it at midnight! I really like this thing. Feels good in my hands, BotW is insanely good, and, oh yeah - this thing is SUPER hackable already :P

Since I'm part of the ReSwitched team, I actually bought two of these things - one to play, and one to hack! My first order of business was this teardown. It was my first proper teardown of brand-new hardware, so I was pretty stoked to get nice, hires board shots up super quick after launch!

Apart from that I've mostly been playing Zelda and helping on the hacking front, but there aren't really any details I can share here atm unfortunately. But it's been hella fun!

I also went ahead and implemented shader include for the demotool, which, as I mentioned last week, allows us to use #include "some_file.glsl" in shaders to reuse code. It's a simple but effective mechanism, and should make things a lot nicer moving forward!

So that's about it, not much else to say.. see you next week :)