by Artie Breakfast

Right, I got a BIT of stuff done on the Amiga front this past week, but mostly just got pissed off at my laptop keyboard and some things in the setup. Or that's how it seems, in reality, I did get something done.

However I still have to finish debugging it, as it's still b0rked.

I also found a very odd bug in both asm-one and asm-pro, which is alluded to by loaderror and then stingray on the ADA forums, but no one has a fix for. I think I had the simplest form of the error, but I deleted the file and am not going to debug the issue now. I have a solution for it.

Also I found out that f7 will step thru code in the hardware monitor, tho it mangles the screen a bit too much for my linking. But it does step thru.

So in short: I did something, and will have to continue on that track, as last week wasn't that great in terms of 'things got done.'

- this doodle thing was a test graphic for the rotozoomer on the pi a few weeks ago, and may as well use it cuz I don't have time to doodle something today.

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