by Artie Breakfast

So this week was lots of misc:

Did some work on demoilta scripts, and the initial start on the Demoilta Pibox;

Did some work on a game project for 1GAM in Lo:ve at Klubi (and will use Klubi for coding more)

And got a tiny bit of Amiga work done with another laptop in between work stuff.

Hope to get to some Amiga stuff today right after this work stuff.

Post pix and progress later, when there is something.

  • yes this is sort of 'scrambling projects' and I should avoid that and focus on one, but that did NOT happen this past week.

--- gosh darn it swankypaint isn't working again, I think I'm going to have to fork it from Xix and start making patches. Doodle made in grafx2, which is not bad, just not what I'm used to and I guess I'll deal with it later. It is more brilliance like and brilliance is the best dpaint.