yay setup

yay setup

by Artie Breakfast

So Elvis (Paul Neuman) and I agreed to meet up to do some Amiga coding (during the trip to Datastorm) and so we did.

I've had some issues with the machine used (it died right before the trip) and had to rebuild it.

My makefile now builds to test environment and includes hardware debugger (hrtmon) for A500. This is better than the previous hardware debugger (Action Reply Mk3) and, well, actually could even be used to debug SNES on the Amiga, but yeah we're not doing that (: Just an artifact of Beermon (I think.) Also, the asmone setup is correct now.

And I started a new routine to get some stuff on the screen.

And the bootblock is actually, when compiled with vasm, just SLIGHTLY over the size of the bootblock. I'll look at that later, but it's interesting. More on Amiga this week.