by Artie Breakfast

Not entirely sure how to show this week's progress, as it's - mostly about how 8x4 is not enough pixels to show something that requires detail. Which is OBVIOUS, but what isn't so obvious is that a rotozoomer requires detail. Quite a bit, or it gets... "muddy."

So my 8x4 pixel display for the pi - the "true" color one, not the 2 color one, which has slightly more pixels - I made a rotozoomer for it. With interpolation - as the initial non-interpolated version wasn't working out so well - I couldn't tell if it was rotating, or if it was just plain wrong. The texture I'd drawn/chosen was a "Party Cannon" logo (Scottish metal band. Stands out from others in that it does not have a logo that looks like a pile of dead tree limbs.) with some additional green/orange borders to sort of help me center it with the rotation (which was planned to move about the center, not be entirely centered.)

So I now have a working rotozoomer, and it works fine so long as I'm using 'debug' textures - things that have, say, a high contrast grid. You can tell it's rotating. Anything more than that - it sort of... loses the definition.

I could show this with an animated gif but I think i'll avoid that and just go ahead and use this code for several other things - in particular, the zoom/interpolation bit is useful for showing a "viewport" into a larger draw buffer. So I can do some 'main' stuff and then 'drive by' show it.

Which I'll work on after the Amiga bootblock bit which needs to be done for Datastorm - and I have my code for that from 2 years ago to break out and complete.

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the doodle started as the background for 'r' but I sort of liked the minimalistic part of it this morning. Also there's PETSCII to add to Sahli, so, that's a reminder.

I also think I'm finally over the hangover from P20 Friday.

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