by Artie Breakfast

So rather than recap the week, let's recap the year.

Fuckings to 2016 in general.

As for me, I managed to do less than I'd like, but some things did work out; others did not. I'd been trying to follow the "do one different thing each week" bit that one of the guys from Vlambeer suggested - and that does not work for me (or likely for anyone who isn't in the practice of finishing things regularly.) So we'll avoid that and try to stick to do X until done, unless in the exceptional case where it has to be abandoned as it's going nowhere.

So yes, I managed to do some small things, nothing big, and let's just focus on what I do to fix that. A> Study - I need to get some study in daily on things. Finnish, code, and drawing. B> I need to worry less about getting paid and just get paid. C> I need to work on things in chunks and try to avoid interruptions. The pomodoro thing seems to work well for that.

So I'm going to do the OGAM (one game a month) thing, and also try to do a demo thing a month. Somehow take the game bit and turn that into use for an effect or scene or just in some way use what I'm learning for the game bit and turn it into something less gamelike and more presentation like.

The game part is mostly because it's a way I can have a portfolio that shows what I do outside of the systems admin stuff. This is neccesary right now as many folks are avoiding system administrators and just turning that over to "the cloud" which is ... well when folks realize their data isn't available to them any longer they'll make a change back, and at that point I'm still around. But right now it's a bit dry, and the development part is a bit more 'there.'

So yes let's move on with this stuff and leave the stuff behind.

Artie Breakfast commented

this week's doodle is less alphabet and more study of colors, which I moved into while trying out the nightbringer 16 pallette. Which is a great palette, but I was having some issues with greens, and I think I was trying to do it a bit too small, but ... anyway I went and decided to make a larger pallette thing and we'll do more of it in the coming week.

on Mon Jan 02 2017 07:32:45 GMT-0500 (EST)