Title of entry

Title of entry

by Artie Breakfast

looking at the task list for the week, 3 things aren't crossed off - "tablet upgrade" which I've wanted to do for a while as the android on the samsung is difficult to use (stupid Samsung crap I didn't remove - which I always do - but this was a "rent to own" thing and I didn't want to run into issues if I had to return it) and some things dealing with this Solaris thing I'm doing (data center stuff.)

Sadly much of the stuff I've done here this past week is sort of just... stuff. I did migrate some stuff for work away from the work box, so I'll be able to work more effectively without interruption.

But here's how the week has gone:

I went to upgrade the tablet, went to get the cyanogen stuff, and the dns won't resolve.

Because cyanogen is no more, due to politics and so on, and now it's LineageOS and there aren't any builds yet.

So. I guess I'll move on to the other two and put that off. Let's hope i get something done this week that is creative and not just infrastucture for creativity. That, well, lots of that this past week. Not something exciting.

I stopped doodling after I liked the 2, because I liked it, and I didn't want to mess with it more. Lots of inspiring drawing this week from blocktronics and the secret santa over at Pixelation.org - I suggest looking at the blocktronics 2017 calendar and the Pixelation.org site.