by Artie Breakfast

So, as planned, I studied lua for the majority of the week.

Not a whole lot on the creative side, aside from what one does with exercises.

End of the week/weekend was spent in data center, doing a sort of switch to Solaris; not sure how this will work out but we'll see. It may have some bearing on some of the earlier bsd projects - more on the professional side. We'll see.

Hopefully this week will get some of the pico8/lua bits done along with some of the datacenter changes - it all depends on what happens in the next 24 hours. Since it's the "shortest day" I'm going to do 24 hours of what passes for daytime here in the north at this time of year, and - well it's so warm the water is basically mist in the air and it's obstructing the view, so - ugh. (not fog, but, hanging water that, if it gets cold, SHOULD go to snow.) But I'm going to spend 24 hours getting some things done that will determine what happens this coming weekend - whether it's moving data for people who will pay me for that, or code.

Artie Breakfast commented

this week's doodle is in the pico-8 pallette. Original background scrapped and original pattern on A scrapped and went with this, though playing with it would have been fun, but I have some things to do today.

I believe I have done both L and U so that left A.

on Mon Dec 19 2016 17:15:03 GMT-0500 (EST)