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by Artie Breakfast

Welcome to this and last week's post where I discuss frustration in a very short manner.

The past 2 weeks have been on/off projects for work and work, and much stop/start. For example, today I was to finish moving some machines that were unable to be moved before (a virtual move) as they were customer affecting and they could not be moved at the same time as some other machines. But, due to not being able to REACH the machines, this can't be done. And fixing that - well, that was lots of time, trying to get someone to acknowledge whether we could fix it (due to budgetary things.)

On/Off Stop/Start does not do well for time management.

I have managed to get some study in, but nothing beyond that, not of any significance.

This week I will prepare for Ludum Dare this weekend, by being sure I have a library set to start with. Going pico-8 on this one, not doing the 60hz thing, just 30.

This week's frustration drawing (didn't spend time on it, didn't think about it much, just threw things together in frustration and left it) is an extrordinarily stylized F. MSX palette.