Study Hall

Study Hall

by Artie Breakfast

So this week was more study and review than anything.

This weekend some lessons that I had paid for for a year, but was forced to drop the subscription last year, became free for a period of time. (Which appears to have been somehow ... well the counter said 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds left a good 12 hours ago, but it's still working.) So I just did those, while I could. I wasn't able to before, and quite frankly, it's good to have a bit of review every so often / learn new things. I did several of the lessons in the past 2 days, which given that I normally will end up doing them over 3 days or more with interruptions and so on... plus Hazi's birthday was Friday so there was a bit of drinking and so on... I didn't do so badly, I don't think.

So the 'creative' side has been basically put into study, and experimenting with lessons.

I also looked back at the various entries, noted that the early part wasn't as good as the later parts, which would mean I may be doing better at this. Also, I was most productive when using the Pomodoro thing a bit ago, and as soon as the new toys showed up I stopped that - and I should resume it.

This week's doodle is a U, for University. It would be better if I would have perhaps not done it after being up so long - but I wanted to finish the third (full) lesson today before the timer ran out (which it may ... or may not... any time now.)

I'm likely to do some more lessons tomorrow, and quite frankly I need to pick up the pace with the Finnish lessons.

(And in 3 weeks it's Ludum Dare, or something like that, so I need to get the toolchains ready for that, especially if it's going to be either Pico-8 or Arduboy ... and then get the demo stuff moving.)

Artie Breakfast commented

ok why did the picture not show up

on Mon Nov 21 2016 05:55:38 GMT-0500 (EST)

Artie Breakfast commented

oh and pico-8 became free for all C.H.I.P things, and I did test my code on it. The 60hz mode is too slow on pico-8, at least in fullscreen on HDMI. I haven't got any output for composite, I'll try VGA later. Would be nice to have full 60hz mode, but not sure that it can be done without optimizing the actual code for the drawing - and doubt Lexaloffle will do that for this machine, unless they pay him lots for it.

Also it may work 60fps on the small pocketchip display. Dunno, haven't had anyone report success or failure yet, probably because most folks don't really understand what the 60hz things are testing (:

on Mon Nov 21 2016 06:01:49 GMT-0500 (EST)