by ferris

This week I mostly took it easy, but at the end of the week on Friday, the logicoma crew made a quick 44kb intro in 5 hours - called Migraine!

The story is pretty straightforward. Around 3pm, I get a message from Gloom saying something like "I'm going to pixar's internal demoparty in 8 hours, and they told me to bring prods, so you should totally make a quick shadertoy thing." I thought about it for a moment, and thought, "well, our tool is like shadertoy but better, and if I can come up with some kind of concept we can get the boys to do a track and bang, 64k." So, I came up with some glitchy lighting/mesh ideas, messaged the boys, and we were go. :)

Around 7pm wobble and I met up and got to work; I resurrected an old raymarcher and fitted it into our new post pipeline, and he started on some crazy sound design. Around 8pm he passed the WIP soundtrack to H0ffman, who passed it back an hour later. All the while, I was playing [DOOM], tweaking, and rocketeering. By midnight, we had a finished prod, which given the constraints, we're pretty damn happy with :)

Fast forward to 4-5am the next morning, where we get more Gloom messages claiming we had won swag - a limited edition Iron Giant blu-ray box set, and an original Skagen Elastigirl watch. Haha! Super unexpected. So that was rad.

Unfortunately, as I have yet to get all of the party/compo/rank details, I haven't put up the executable anywhere. But I'll link it here when it's available.

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Update: We can't actually mention the party this was released at due to NDA, which is ridiculous, but somewhat hilarious also. Still waiting to release until that gets cleared, or definitively doesn't, at which point we'll probably release making no mention whatsoever that we won the fucking party. :)

on Mon Nov 28 2016 18:05:35 GMT-0500 (EST)