The importance of stability

The importance of stability

by Artie Breakfast

So I was making some progress on a thing when the net cut.

Now, you know, normally a person's situation is that the network cuts out, you call the isp, or there's an outage and it gets fixed eventually. In my case, the net was cut because I no longer work for the employer who had paid that bill.

I have emergency net, but my work for my employer actually depends on certain things being in place (firewalls, etc) so that meant that to replace it and do the job I do for them, I needed to have that fixed. And that took 2 days +, which is the way things go. I bring up the situation, and wait for response, and wait, and do some things in the meantime but can't actually move forward.

This is where my week went. I have net, but I have issue #2: I have no moneez. And my electrical bill hasn't been paid, so ... talk to work about the situation and how I get paid, because I am working, and that meeting was today and now it's moved to Thursday (which was again a thing that I sort of knew would get postponed.)

So the short answer is: This week I managed to accomplish a single of my daily lessons (difficult to do them when you can't reach them) and I haven't got anything further. I have fixed several machines, including one not my own (have decided, and pretty much decided during that period, that it was not a good use of my time and would be undone soon by someone else and I won't be happy about that, so why did I do it in the first place.)

So I spent 2 days getting net, 1 day fixing a machine not mine, 2 days fixing the net to work properly in the situations that I need (halfway done really with reworking that) - and if that seems "too complex for home" remember that my home is basically a data center - and a load of disorganized messing about fixing things that were 'off.' But nothing really got done.

I do have the following to show for it: I am posting. For a while, I could not do that. There are some 'fixed' things that you can't see that I am somewhat happier with (not really though.) And now I will go and work on a thing because I have 2 days before meeting about getting paid.

Look I drew an N. The MSX pallette has a very strange lack of 'dim' colors.