by youthlagoon

I started doing everyday video edits, I thought that this task should be documented so, I made a blog. There is still much to be done!

  • Get comments working.
  • Write a more detailed mission statement.
  • Probably change some colors around.

I'm thinking that I need to revamp the main page to better direct people to the different sections of my site, and fit the same vibe. The current page was a splash placeholder because I wasn't consistently producing content. The whole purpose of my site has also switched gears, I was using it to try and book business before, now i'm gearing it more towards being a personal portfolio type of thing. I have decided to focus more on what I want to be doing and not making money with it quite yet.

Last Edited on Mon Oct 03 2016 21:12:26 GMT-0400 (EDT)

youthlagoon commented

I also need to get better at markdown.

on Mon Oct 03 2016 21:01:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)

baggers commented

nice one!

on Tue Oct 04 2016 07:40:30 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Artie Breakfast commented

I completely forgot this uses markdown (:

Hmm do we support tables - if not I should add that - also hi I am using your comment area for stream of consciousness

on Tue Oct 04 2016 09:11:06 GMT-0400 (EDT)