um where did this week go

um where did this week go

by Artie Breakfast

Not exactly sure where the week went.

Yes, there was some stuff done on Saturday with the pi project, but nothing to show yet; and then LB/Synteesi's birthday so that was a bit short. And some stuff working on python development, but nothing to show. Yet. There's still a bit of time today to go and working on that now...

And a day working with DDT on a project of his, which went too long into the morning and screwed up sleeping, and trying to get finances fixed with employer (still in progress) and getting some things with another person in order, but ... well I guess it just comes down to the number of things that were incidental added up and the lack of schedule meant less time. Plus of course the whole sleep issue.

So did some things today with fixing a macbook to be working so I can use it for development if I need osX, and some python learning of Flask. And mostly have been fighting the urge to scream at this tutor because of seriously bad code style, not to mention HE KEEPS CREATING NEW FILES BY USING THE TERMINAL AND THE TOUCH COMMAND, THEN OPENING THEM IN HIS EDITOR, THEN COPY/PASTING HIS STUFF. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FSCK. Anyway getting somewhere with that, it will get me further toward the asciiarena remake I'm doing (which, yes, is a different ascii arena from the one spot/up rough is doing, but that's ok, various folks are wanting me to have mine done even if that one is being made too. More exposure for ascii is good.)

  • did talk to spiikki and t-101 about a rewrite of which needs to be done. Just, that comes after a current project, which I'm doing some work on today.
  • This weeks letter doodle is essentially how I freehanded the letter C from building blocks. MSX Pallette, so I get used to it. (MSX1, not 2.)

  • Also I have committed to doing 1 lesson of Finnish a day for my #everydays, give me shit if I don't do that.