"stuff" "things"

"stuff" "things"

by Artie Breakfast

So this week I mainly recovered. I spent some time arguing with Safari about the fact that I could not view the damned books (annoying, I pay for it) but I could videos (don't. really. care. for. video. tutorials.) and not enough doing the work thing that I should have done, but I did some work things. And went to the office for one day and got more info about things.

I also spent some time fixing the editor 'textadept' to use emacs-like keys, because my brain works on emacs-like keys. Control-a is not 'select all' it is 'move to start of line.' I have never wanted to select all, and certainly not with regular occurence. And save is not escape-colon-q-bang. I know the keystrokes, I just don't like the vi keystrokes. But what I really don't do is modal editing. I do editing. I do "this is in my brain put it in the file" not "this is in my brain, entry mode, command mode, move back 4 characters and insert mode, some other mode, some other mode, mode mode mode" I do 'enter shit into a file' not 'fight the machine.'

So you may be wondering why I don't use something like sublime text (or, you know, emacs.) Well because gnu emacs is lisp, and while I like lisp, I don't speak it. Also I have run into the issue of some work files being too large for emacs (which is a work file issue, not an emacs issue, but it's good to have an alternative that is not vi.) mg is a nice alternative, but it is missing some things sublime has that I like. I use sublime, but it's not available for arm - probably should be, but isn't - so I can't use it on arm devices like the raspberry pi or my cubietruck.

I lost another apple machine last week to exploding battery syndrome, so yeah. I haven't bought an apple machine, but I have several - and wait, no, I did in 2003. THAT machine still works, all the intel ones other than the intel mac mini seem to explode. I have a b0rked one that I got for free and another that I got for free but I doubt it will stay running, and it's just, yeah. No. I'm going to go with arm as it costs less and does what I need.

So that means that the editor needs to run on it, and texadept does. xemacs would also work but it's ... well. lisp again. textadept is lua, and I like lua. So I'm working with it.

I've got some of it working, actually, most. I need to make a git interface that is like gitsavvy, and all should be good. But that is over the next 'period of time.'

That was an afternoon, and I also did some other things that I had wanted to do (got my ouya with cyanogen, so now it is useful; got some other system work done.)

I should also get xix to fill me in on where I get swankage updates, other than steam, because copying it from steam elsewhere is... well pants. But I probably already know. So I'll do that in a bit. Then I can draw again properly.

Cripes today's paint.lo4d.net theme is 'yellow male' in the EGA pallette. I should draw Marge.

Not the greatest week but it was something, and this week needs to be better.

Oh and I am thinking perhaps not going to twitter for a while, and trying to avoid any news at all, because of the issues that it causes with depression. People being dicks to everyone as a policy causes two things: 1. pissing me off 2. depression since I can't fix it.

Artie Breakfast commented

Because I don't want next week's entry to be "I did this thing that m0qui suggested" I am adding it here:

M0qui had a quick patch for Sahli that allowed 'back' in the viewer. I got the environment set up to deal with that (I didn't actually have one, having redone my setup since I no longer have to deal with ex-job and it's bullshit - and part of that was "blow the environment away") and applied the patch, but wanted it to be a bit cleaner so I cleaned it up, tested, and committed it. New Sahli version with 'back' is now available.

("Back" is an emergency thing, compos go forward and this is not a regular viewer, it is for compos. Specifically for compos. A full viewer can be done later. I may do that. But accidentally hitting space - I guess that's something non-c64 sceners might do. We c64 sceners know that means 'next demo part' and there's no "back" without long load times (: )

Even more important: Someone other than me is using it.

Oh, and it appears to work in Firefox without changing the javascript settings. That may be a mistake, it shouldn't I don't think, but - well, it does. I'll look into making it into a chrome app or something later.

Probably next thing to do is smooth scroll, it's a bit jumpy occasionally (and could synch to the 'beam' I guess.)

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