Mostly Packaging

Mostly Packaging

by ferris

This last week I had a major breakthrough where I finally got the size-optimized replayer to display some content from the tool! This meant a ton of small things are finally in place; small ogl/win32 bindings, bytecode+data export from the tool, splitting out the operator runtime into its own package, etc. This is a huge weight off my back on our way to the next intro which should be released in about a month :)

I also spent a bunch of time integrating the ol' 64k synth, which generally wasn't too bad, minus having to build it with a specific MSVC version (2013) and turning off SSE (which I might have a workaround for, but the details honestly aren't very interesting). I also did a bunch of cleanup work in the synth repo to prepare it for potential release after TRSAC, but that might not work out so smoothly as I hit some roadbumps with nuget and premake, but we may work around that as well.

After finishing those two things, I spent a little time on additional packaging things, such as a dialog box for when the intro starts, proper fullscreen, a tiny icon, and a super simple "preload points" mechanism, which allows us to render the demo at a few select time points in order to "warm up" the GPU before the demo starts. So all in all, another productive week :)

Next up is rocket integration and porting some renderer stuff, and then scary things like text... then we're finally ready to do the actual content, so looking forward to that :)