by Artie Breakfast

So this week I didn't conquer depression. It set in deeper.

The problem with depression is that it's just stupid. You know there's a problem but there shoudln't be and why aren't you just fixing it and why would you bother anyone with it and shut up and just fix it.

I have an escape which is sleeping.

Sleeping is similar to death, which I am currently having 2 issues with: 1. death is an escape 2. wait what the fuck we're not done why are we trying to escape we're not done.

So yeah. This week I managed to get absolutely nothing done, which adds to the issue.

I'm writing this mostly so I can just sort of say 'get on with it' and get on with things.

Today seems better than yesterday.

Artie Breakfast commented

also my depression isn't as bad as what others have so I want to say it isn't real but it might be and I don't want that.

on Tue Sep 20 2016 01:15:43 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Artie Breakfast commented

I did accomplish some work stuff and am going to the office (which is something I haven't done for 2 months or so) so things are better today. also talked about the X thing and how it's just - I don't know. There are things to get in order first. Hopefully will be able to sit down after work and do something. That will fix the issue of not having something for next week.

on Tue Sep 20 2016 03:30:21 GMT-0400 (EDT)