by baggers

Im on holiday! It's a relief.. which is kind of odd as I love my job, but it had been too long without a break and I was burning out a bit.

Because of general brain drain my big achievement for last week was work related, I made a nice Fuse wrapper over RMStore which means you can now make iOS in app purchases in Fuse. Not the most exciting task ever but seeing how easy it was with our 'foreign code' features made me very proud as I had a big hand in them.

But now I am free and have 14 days to do whatever. I'm making this a staycation so I can get a pile of work done on projects. I was unsure if this was a wise move at first as I was meant to be getting rest, however I wrote down the projects that have been on my mind and the idea of getting a bunch of them done made me feel great.

So today was day 1:

I spent some time getting more libraries into TravisCI and finally got around to using AppVeyor for covering the windows side. I fucking love these services, setting up windows machines has always been something I dreaded. Even when I lived on Windows I don't think I was every happy with the result, it was always just good enough so I could make the pain go away. So TravisCI and AppVeyor are a huge win for my sanity.

I researched into CFFI's (lisp's ffi) integration with c2ffi (a library that uses clang to generate json specs from headers). It's error reporting should be better but it wrapped Nuklear with no major issues (so far).

I did some other miscellaneous reading, so I'm pretty set up for tomorrow's task, which is to get some UI on the screen using nuklear.

What else? hmm. Oh yeah, over the weekend I went back to look at RX (and other observable stuff) as I had been inspired by some success a work collegue has been having. I must have learnt something over the last year as I remember finding some of this heavy going before and this time it was a breeze.

I coded up a little RX like implementation. It's not useful or complete and not something I'll finish, however it was enough to give me some more insight.

I also looked back into the Cells lisp library which lets you make classes with reactive fields. The docs are awful but it is quite an interesting implementation in that it is glitch free and very flexible (too flexible in my mind).

I'm planning a tooling layer to help with live coding and I expect that it will be primarily reactive, so all this reading will be helpful.

This is already too long so I'm gonna leave it at that.

Seeya folks