Details, details, details

Details, details, details

by ferris

This week was even more tool work :) .

I finished subroutines, loops, and conditionals in the tool, improved expressions so now they support proper float literals, sin/cos, and binops, swapped out the GL bindings to custom tiny ones that don't use std, changed how errors are displayed in the tool, added an op for loading a GPU program, started on export functionality, and rewrote the asset management system. Whew! Still lots of details left on certain bits of this; for example, the replayer/export functionality doesn't handle assets yet, and I still have to remove all standard lib dependencies in the runtime and get the size-optimized replayer to use that stuff. But, with such good progress this week, I don't expect these things to take too much longer, and we're looking good to start content for the demo in October still, so that's rad.

Also, in the screenshot you can see we can actually start to make things in the tool! The cool thing is I'm already figuring out some things that are a bit uncomfortable already; for example, if there are compile errors in the operator graph, nothing is shown in the render window. This means the content pops in and out as you're typing things in the editor while it's temporarily not correct code, and this flashing is pretty shit. A simple fix of course is to always display the most recent successful compile, which is easy enough, but the point here is we're hitting actual cases and working out actual workflow kinks because things are reaching critical mass!

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