Not so much to see

by baggers

A short one this week.

I got a a feature made for the lisp FFI project (caching of build results) ready to go ans am waiting on feedback

I have been testing c2ffi which is a program that uses clang to take C headers and dump extensive data as json

I've been experimenting further with Autowrap, a lisp project that takes the output from c2ffi and makes lisp bindings out of it. Currently this has three niggles

  • It re-implements a lot of things from the standard FFI with its own API
  • It is a little tricky to work with as the magic is all done within a macro so I'm constantly using macroexpand to see what was generated. Not too bad but a little frustrating
  • It doesn't support passing structs by value. That last one is a full on issue rather than a niggle.

I found out that the FFI I have worked on also has some support for generating code from c2ffi, and it, to me, seems simpler. Also the FFI uses libffi (a good C library) so that it can do pass by value with structs/unions.

So my goal now is to move to using this.

My partner and I also built a gaming machine and I have been playing Doom. I had forgotten that shooters used to feel like this, its so much fucking fun and so depressing how long its been since Ive got so giddy playing fps.

So I may get some work done this week...but maybe not. I have been delayed by 2 weeks on a work project by apple's legal shit so Im way behind and need to get it finished. Between that and Doom, well, we will see if anything gets done.

Peace folks

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Unreal Tournament. Ice Station Zeto. Mechanism Eight. Flak Monkey.

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