The flu must die.

The flu must die.

by Artie Breakfast

This week's entry is brought to you by the letters F, L, and FUCKINGS TO THE FLU

This week was all about the flu, and how it sucks.

This reduced my creative and non-creative output to producing mucous, which as we all know, is the entire purpose of a respiratory flu.

I did manage to get a few things... well I had a dream for an interesting game idea that I wrote down, and I'm not sure how to implement, but we'll see.

I also discovered once again that some things need to be coded and updated webside, and I probably will work on that in the next few days (instead of just producing pheghm.) We'll see. I also plan on trying to sleep during the NIGHT, rather than... whatever schedule I'm on now.

Leblane suggested 'Fiji' and that sounds about right.

So I went to look up 'fiji' from Akron U, because I remember that - purple and white fraternity that was all over the freaking place and very much the antithesis of our Fraternity, Tappa Kegga. They had hazing and purple shirts and annoyance and we had beer and no rules. We obviously were the better choice. Anyway I figured I'd put that as a picture but yeah that didn't work out.

I was also going to draw a picture today using swankage paint but discovered again that the machine I wanted to use just does NOT like the egl thing it's using, at least, I think that's the issue. I may have to go load up grfx2, which is less dpaint like and more... yeah. I may also just fire up dpaint under emulation because "why the hell not."

So here's a purple F for the flu. Fuckings to the flu.