by Artie Breakfast

Sadly, I had a look at my kanban thing for getting things done and ... some items dated last month haven't been started. This is not good, as I'm just sort of... not moving ahead on things.

Then, while arranging rides to [B]30 and JML16 (same day... silly people! Also Gerp same time. ): STOP THIS HAVING PARTIES AT THE SAME TIME IT SUCKS) I realized 'I haven't done anything for everyweeks this week' (have done some work instead, which is good! because it's work. And that means I can pay rent.) well...

So I realized that I could get started on the EGA picture for JML16, which I had planned to do. Swankypaint has an EGA pallette, and I really like Swankypaint (it's dpaint, basically) and so I began.

And I'd totally show that picture if the Intel compute stick I was using was capable of staying online longer than 3 hours without locking up. So I will recover the picture, then remove ubuntu from it and install void (like I usually run these days) and have a stable stick. (The issue here is that I installed Ubuntu to get the audio and wlan working, as those are using drivers that are older and non-kernel (i.e. it's just goofy ass shit that ... wait is it honestly broadcom? why is broadcom crap in an intel stick? ) anyway it's got shit design, and the only reason I got it was it was cheap and therefore I must have the tech thing becuase cheap. It works nicely when it's stable, and ... well. I'll do that LATER. I have other machines with swankage.

So I'll be drawing that pic more this week.

this is more or less a 'fail' post, but the following other things were done in line of getting moving on things:

  1. upgraded pico-8
  2. read 4mat's pico-8 demo blog and went "aw man I wanted to do that" and got a bit discouraged but bounced back
  3. found pico-8 stuff for sublime text (yay!)
  4. got motivated again (this is a cyclic thing and I have to defeat it regularly)

The picture is obviously not my picture (: Because that would involve recovery of the stick.

Swankage works on rpi and so does Pico8 I will need to load the pico8 pallette into swankage

Also this weekend is Ludum Dare so that will be... documented! And! Creative! And stuff! YAY LUDUM DARE