Tumbling Weeds

by baggers

Man it's been an odd week.

Part way through I started getting eye pain and I think my eyes have got worse again, I'm already at -5.25 and which is well on the way to 'blind'.. a target I'd much rather not reach. I'd also rather not stop using the computer which is a rather conflicting goal. Optician today, hopefully find out what is going on.

I had the weekend free but made incremental rather than major gains. The caching of C code for the lisp build system is now working, and although it's not finished I have published the branch so the other folks in the team can have a look. I've also made headway on my paths library which is feeling good, certainly going to be much better than the string approach in languages like c#/java whilst still being syntactically lightweight, so that's cool.

I haven't dived back into the graphics papers though. I think, for the sake of my eyes, I'm going to print them out and start going through them again soon.

That's all I have I think.

Seeya next time

Last Edited on Tue Aug 23 2016 02:59:36 GMT-0400 (EDT)