New bad ass render rig! And a video shoot!

New bad ass render rig! And a video shoot!

by Zach Harvest

Excuse the scatterbrain, it's late and I almost forgot. I built a "Server" So I feel there has been some confusion of why I built this computer. Let me explain. My desktop as it is now:

Intel 5930k OC 4.4ghz on water 32gb RAM 256gb NVME M.2 SSD 1tb of 4, 250gb SSDs in RAID GTX 980ti

Its decked out, and it's fast as hell.'s still my main beezy and I need it for editing, modeling, gaming, porn, ect... You can't really effectively "use" your computer while it's rendering. So I decided to make a computer based on some interesting facts about the latest xeons coming off the server farms as surplus. These xeon 2670 are a socket 2011-1 8 core 16 thread beast that stays at 3.0 under full load. Make that two CPUs on one motherboard and that's a lot of horsepower to throw at pretty much anything! It's got 128gb ram for whatever and some 600 series cards for Cycles. Renderman (for now) just uses CPU to render and the render times are so much slower than cycles but it does produce the better image. I have a hard time not using it despite the poor render times. I can also use cycles on a VM and render on the GPUs and spin up another VM to render on the remaining 28 threads. The VM possibilities are endless, permanent game servers, image/file hosting, SheepIt (refer to some other everyweeks post about that) and I'm sure some other more fun/cooler stuffs that I can't think of right now. But the idea is there. I can't keep building computer after computer, so I got one that I can hopefully turn into many computers.

The build. Interesting things happened in the parts department on this build. I did actually buy everything. I didn't have any extra parts to use on this one which brought the price up a bit more than I wanted. It was supposed to be a "budget" build with the CPUs only going for $70 a pop. Finding the mobo was a tricky. Everyone started buying all the good ones up when they saw you can get 2x 8cores and a mobo for under $350. So the prices shot up and I had to find one that was in stock. It too like 4 weeks, but a really good one showed up. the ASROCK Rack C602 D16/R4 I think. Its the one that takes up to 1tb of ram if needed. It was $100 than it should have been but whatever, it's the nice one. I got 2x Noctua i4 xeon coolers that cost as much as the damn CPUS...They work really good tho.. A Fanteks Enthoo Pro and some 1000w PSU. There weren't as many hickups building a server in a prosumer case. But it sure as fuck wasn't as easy as building in a proper 3U rack. All in all it's really much better looking than I thought it would be. I didn't try to because...function right? But it has it's own look. I've had some freezing without bsod so that was tricky but either the video card needs to be in the bottom pci e slot or the 5port USB pci e card sucks balls... I've been troubleshooting it all week but I think It's working now.