Actually did a thing

Actually did a thing

by Zach Harvest

I made a few things this week. With help from Jake, I made an animation! Its abstract and I've been trying for this look for a while but didn't quite get how the array worked in blender. I played with the shapes until I got something kinda cool and animated it. Really not that hard once you figure out how the arrays work. You rotate and scale your array based on an "empty" or place holder that stores rotation, location ect. moving that and rotating and scaling the empty the array. It's not normal at all or reproducible without tons of repetition. Probably because it took a million and a fucking half, abstract steps to get here. I will be doing more of this later.

I also made another thing. A few weeks ago, I saw a thing on instagram and thought I should try it in blender. I couldn't remember who it was, nor could I find it. I just proceed to reproduce it from memory. I studied it pretty well and had already thought through some of the steps. This could not have gone any better! I sat down, mashed out a mesh for the floor, turned on the particle engine, slapped a ball in the center and made a fuckin ring light. Took, I kid you not, 5 minutes and that's the first image in the set. I let it render to 4k because its a super simple scene and I can..? The next day I made the materials proper and got the lighting dialed in for that stupid 2 stop exposure loss on export...(still pissing me off) and also dialed in some better emitter settings. NOW its looking fucking good. I was so pleased at this point. I had made the thing AND it looked great. Now to just give it the finishing touches. I played with the scene all week and couldn't extract any more life from it. So I exported in 4k. That is the thumbnail for the post.

All in all. Good week. But it's pretty simple shit really. Kinda what I'm going for I guess? I just need to get better lighting and materials on this shit now I guess :P

Google Drive link.