Depth of Failure II

Depth of Failure II

by ferris

Similarly to one of my first posts, I tried implementing DOF this weekend :)

It took a bit to fill in some of the necessary missing bits in the engine (proper rendertarget stack, depth textures, etc) but once I was moving things went pretty fast. Got a pretty rad (and VERY fast) bokeh blur that I'm quite happy with (mostly based on Crytek Graphics Gems pages 33-35), and started playing with depth-based CoC. It looks pretty much like ass right now when anything's in focus, but that should just be a matter of playing with things, reading more, tweaking etc; a function of time and effort rather than any big "aha". Or not. We'll see.

In either case, this was pretty fun :) . As for the test scene, it's literally cubes and arrays; transform and replicate ALL the things!

Also the blur right now is pure gather; it's likely I'll end up change it to gather-as-scatter in order for things to bleed properly or something, we'll see. Again, I really just need to throw more time and effort at it to see what happens, and then I can write it up properly when it works.

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