by ferris

This week was another short one, but I got some work done on porting the rubik's cube trainer.

Basically I started the project with Angular 2 and got 3 of the 4 views done, and it went pretty smooth, but by the time I packed everything up for deployment, it ended up being 4000 files and having a 5+ second load time on mobile. I now realize this was mostly my ignorance with web packers etc; nevertheless, I wanted to see if something a bit lighter-weight could be used instead.

So, I started remaking the port using vue.js. The idea was that all I really wanted was a way to do isolated components and databinding in something that has pretty low-overhead, and it seems to fit the bill. It's been going fairly well, and minus a few hiccups, actually solved all of the problems I had with angular regarding deployment. I went with their cli's webpack template, and the only things I've had to "work around" so far has been to ditch using any kind of router and instead simply hide/show different views, mainly because of some caveats with hosting on github pages, but that was very easy to do with vue and my components are pretty nice.

The downside of all of this of course is it's taking a bit longer than expected to put this together, but at least I'm gaining more experience in an area of dev I don't normally dabble in. I expect to finish the project in the next couple days still though, given I don't use up all my time playing the new mirror's edge :D

As usual, project repo is here (minus the vue stuff atm, which is only local for now) and it will be hosted here (but for now don't expect anything but something terrible and/or half working :D )

Last Edited on Mon Jun 13 2016 14:10:55 GMT-0400 (EDT)