Deferred Success

by baggers

Ok so this week I got a little work done.

First off I got my first bit of deferred shading done, this turned out to be really easy to write in CEPL os I'm pretty happy about that, I'm not posting a picture as it looks exactly the same and the dude I rendered before so all the good stuff is hidden.

I also started running into library issues across platforms and it's cheesing me off. SO first I found out that devIL is broken when installed from brew but ok from macports. This sucked but I thought that given that I use SLD2 as my backend for now I could switch to using SDL2_Image. However as soon as I did I ran into the fact that SDL2_Image defines it's formats in a different way to GL.

After a little grumbling I made cepl.sdl2-image which is a little plumbing which can use sdl2_image to load directly to textures.

With that in hand it was time to load an FBX model, assimp supports this just fine so it should be a breeze.

CL-USER> (classimp:import-into-lisp "sweetModel.FBX")

NIL? Why NIL? Turns out that debian is shipping an older version of assimp. For fucks sake.

OK so now what? I of course can build & install this stuff myself but this puts a much higher barrier to entry for my users. I am thinking I may make a package that just ships compiled versions of all these things as it's getting so fustrating to deal with. But if I do that, how do I handle the dependencies of the things the library uses? Ship them all?

I just don't know yet.

However in much better news I found some wonderful resources for getting start with physically based rendering (PBR). I dont know how I didnt run into these before, but meh I'm just stoked they are here now.

A friend of mine was kind enough to give me some assets for a game he is making and they have a texture containing PBR parameters I can use. This is great as if I fudged them myself I wouldnt have faith in what is was doing, so now I know I have something that should look sane when I get the code right.

Seeya next week