The GLSL Spec Sucks

by baggers

The glsl spec sucks. the glsl spec is the worst part of glsl. the glsl spec is barely a spec. the glsl spec eats babies. the glsl spec is not adaquate. the glsl spec lies to you for reasons no-one can understand. the glsl spec sided with the nazis. the glsl spec has version info for functiosn that dont exists. the glsl spec is missing version info for functions that do exist. the glsl spec is making me somewhat cheesed off. the glsl spec has no friends and is taking this out on everyone.

This week much has happened, I've been to Poland for a kickass conference, I've been chatting with a dude that programs molecules that could change the world, I've been pimping CEPL and getting really nice responses, I live coded a game for a gamejam..and plenty more..but fuck all of that because the glsl spec is pissing me off.

Look at this: texelFetchOffset

Given that there is no machine readable version of the spec, this is what we have to work with. So the programmer thing to do is scrape all of these pages and turn them into data. A while back I did this and whilst it has a few bugs it was mostly ok.

The then I needed to look at that version info in there. Now the information is there in a human readable format, but it is not consistant across the manpages. this makes reconciling this stuff REALLY ANNOYING.

Also in the example above we see that texelFetchOffset works on gsampler1D samplers, gsampler2D samplers, gsampler1DArray samplers & gsampler2DArray samplers.

But the version information doesnt mention gsampler1DArray samplers or gsampler2DArray samplers... Instead it mentions gsampler2DMS & gsampler2DMSArray sampler. FUUUUCK. There are tonnes of things like this across the spec and it makes it basically impossible to automate pulling this info.

So here I am, going through the spec, cleaning it up by hand. This is not programming.


GLSL is awesome though...but that spec...ugh

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