Back to polygons!

Back to polygons!

by ferris

Got the first rotating cube up in the demo tool :D

This was another short week due to work, hopefully the last for a little while. I wasn't able to do anything until the weekend, but when that came around (and I wasn't too busy relaxing), I took a stab at adding OS X support to Bonzomatic, which is a livecoding tool used at a few demoparties to host livecoding competitions. That went fairly well, but I hit some things that Gargaj/Conspiracy (the original author) was already working on, so I took a break from that and went back to work on the demo tool.

Rendering some polygons was a bit annoying since I had to get some dependencies done first, namely matrices. That went a bit quicker than I thought though, and by the end of the weekend I had a cute rotating cube up and running. Next steps are some cleanup etc, but then I should be able to start working on something that looks like a renderer (yay)!

Until next time...

Zach Harvest commented

Dude. So stoked.

on Mon May 09 2016 14:20:07 GMT-0400 (EDT)