Shame Shame Shame

by baggers

A couple weeks of being away and I'm totally out of my rhythm of doing these.

So I was off in England for a friends wedding, but during the week I helped out another with some of their PHD research. They live on an area with multiple salt mines and the ground has been subsiding.

The local council say it hasn't in the last 6 years...but they haven't been taking measurements :|

Also they decided that they didn't accept the data from the Universities micro-gravity readings because they claim its not reliable. SO we went back to basics. We rode up the canal taking sonar readings and measuring the depth with a big fuckoff stick. The big-fuckoff-stick data just so happened to correlate with the micro-gravity readings (big surprise) and the depth was 3-4 times what it should have been at the deepest point. SOMETHING is clearly happening there but it remains to see what, more science is needed.

The only coding I did that week was to try and find a phantom of a bug I had in my multiple render target code. It was strangely intermittent and I now think that the only times I saw it was after I closed the laptop lid. This seems to have put GL in some odd state...not exactly satisfying but it means I can move on with making a deferred renderer.

I will heading to Poland next weekend for a lisp conference which will be ace. I'm probably going to give a lightning talk there saying CEPL is in beta (woo) so i'm kicking the tires of that particle demo from a few months back to I have something to show in the background.

I also am trying to make a tiny 2d entry for a lisp game-jam that's happening this week. I really didn't expect to have any time for it so I don't know what I'll get done. I would post a picture of my progress but I'm at work so that'll have to wait. It's pretty cool to use CEPL on a project though and have definitely been moments that it has shone so I'm pretty proud of that. Theres also some places that there are clearly some issues, but lukily nothing fundamental.

That'll do for now, seeya next week

bau5 commented

Sometimes it's better to refute evidence than face a scary truth? Also, are you sure you weren't in America? This sounds like a very American thing 😉 Regardless that's super interesting though. The city I was in when I studied abroad in Germany had the exact same problem, but they were well aware of it and we're working to to mitigate that issue. Lisp lisp lisp, live and breath. Have fun in Poland, post pictures!

on Mon May 02 2016 11:39:49 GMT-0400 (EDT)

ferris commented

Haha, that all sounds super rad. Next time I'm in Oslo you should fill me in on that issue - I vaguely remember Holly talking about it, but it's interesting and I want to hear more.

What conf are you going to specifically? Really sick that you can run around telling people about your sea of parens and they think it's rad :D

Will be really cool to see how the game progresses as well. Have you done any interaction stuff in CEPL beyond just basic tests?

on Mon May 02 2016 15:46:52 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Zach Harvest commented

I wanna see those particles so hard....breaths heavily

on Mon May 02 2016 17:05:02 GMT-0400 (EDT)