by bau5

So last week I talked about working on a side project. This week, I did that! Only took me about 5 days to get through it (mostly) and I learned a ton. I modeled it after this website, choosing to use Node.js as the backend. I used Jade as well (or Pug as it's called now) cause it's just so neat and so much better than writing plain old boring HTML.

My brother puts together a playlist of his favorite songs every year and puts it up on his website for his friends to stream. Before this, I had been hosting the playlists for download, but legality and what not makes that sketchy. This website I designed helps mitigate that. Rather than have the download links floating around publicly available, people now must log in with their emails, and therefore be on the pre-approved list. He previously had a website like that, but it was too expensive and difficult to maintain so I decided to take up that challenge and do it myself. Mostly I just wanted the experience of making a simple website from the ground up.

Users can log in (only an approved email is required) and view and download playlists. Admins, such as me and my brother, can upload new playlists and delete existing ones. Very simple, with very clear goals, so it was not too much to tackle. It came out very well, and I hope to deploy it soon. It's not quite ready, and unfortunately I need to shift my focus to my final week of class before I can get back to it.

I'm really happy with my Everyweek this week! It feels true to the spirit of everyweeks and really was a fucking great experience.

ferris commented

Dude NICE! Looking forward to seeing this when it's live. The screenshot looks great :D

on Mon May 02 2016 15:41:35 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Zach Harvest commented

Want some stock images? :D

on Mon May 02 2016 16:59:04 GMT-0400 (EDT)