More Blender things and stuff

More Blender things and stuff

by Zach Harvest

I'm going to say. This week has been mostly a failure. I did't get anything done that I wanted to get done. This is a bummer because it's another one of those weeks where I spent hours and hours and hours in the week trying to make things work with the tool and it's just not behaving. I'm going to make the write up for my progress short and sweet and move on to the other thing I did.

So I worked on my warehouse and added an additional room trying to get the scale right. The issue with scale in 3d space is it's up to you to size things and place the camera in the right place and make sure the stuff is the right size and, and, and... So my struggle is super real. I've always had subject or at least a themed work that creates it own scale. I knew I would run into this issue sooner than later so I guess this week Ill figure it out.

I also messed with materials again. and again...they are SO FUCKING HARD. Just do this and this and and, and... "just do this" is my least favorite thing for tutorialists to say. I followed this guys UV unwrapping tutorial because I was having some issues with mine and I did EVERYTHING the same, like every single thing that he did, I did exactly. EVERYTHING. and my UV unwrap came out at like a 39 degree angle on the tile grid...WTF?!?!?! honestly.

Onto the more fun part of the week.

Sheepit! Distributed Render Farm I kept seeing people on the subreddit talking about sheepit so naturally I just Googled it and found this nifty site! It's a online distributed render farm with a super easy client. You download the client, login, choose if you want to use all of your GPUs or just your CPU or whatever and click go! It then downloads a modified version of blender that has scripts disabled and resets some of the users parameters for easier rendering across all kinds of machines. Like changing the tile size from whatever custom they entered to the standard 32x32 for CPU and 256x256 for GPU ect.. from there it downloads the project and starts to render. Every second of your render time is logged and added to your account as points that you spend getting higher in the que of the cluster of computers currently rendering frames. I have found that around 150-200 computers are on at a time. It's just a nice way to do animations if you don't have the horse power.

bau5 commented

That's annoying, I hate when you dump time into something and don't get a satisfactory payoff. But that's part of all this shit I guess. You learned a bunch of ways that don't work, which may seem annoying but it's still shit that goes in your toolbox anyways!

Also I really like the sound of this Sheepit thing, that's super neat. I also like the score thing, adds a "game" aspect to it 😁

on Mon May 02 2016 11:35:34 GMT-0400 (EDT)