You can lead a horse to water

You can lead a horse to water

by bau5

But you can't fucking make people learn how to use Git. Goddamn disaster.

So my group project is going pretty well! Sorta haha. It's turned into quite a beefy app and it's real fun to code for. I've pretty much spent the last week or two feeling like at any given moment of free time, I should be working on one of my two class projects. I talk about them constantly, so I'm going to start by completely changing the subject.

I've picked up a new project! I've been wanting to do this one for a while, and after a bit of training in helping Jake with this website a bit, I feel like I can actually tackle a project of my own. My brother is a music junkie and puts together a playlist of his favorite songs from the year, usually about 20 songs. He's got a website for it that my sister helped him make, you can check it out here (p.s. his last name is Fishback, hence FishTunes).

Squarespace was great for this, super simple, and nice and sleek. But they didn't allow us to host these playlists to download, cause it's like illegal or something (who'd've thought?!), so I was hosting them on my personal VPS that i've had for eons and spent way too much money on. Me and Brad mainly and sorta Zach used it to host our minecraft servers. it was great for this, but it got to be too expensive. So I jumped ship on that fucker and am using Digital Ocean cause they're dope.

He used to have a site run where people could log in with their emails and a password provided by my brother to download the playlists, but they were charging him too much to run it or something. Anyways, I'm going to do the same! Not charge him too much, make that website. I hit the ground running with it today, drawing a lot on my experience from working with Jake on this site, and a lot of stack overflow help. It's already starting to come together, and it's going to be a super simple site, so It shouldn't take me too long.

Next weekend I'll do a proper write up of my experience with the site, and hopefully have it nearing completion. Party on boys!