Started on Project Serialization

Started on Project Serialization

by ferris

This week was another that was cut short, this time because I spent most of it SICK as PHUCK with a high fever, rendering me basically useless. I was able to putz on some stuff though, including some stuff I finished last weekend after writing up my everyweeks for that week.

Basically now I'm working on project saving/loading. Saving seems to work, but I can't know for sure until loading works. Funny thing is, after all that architecture documentation I did last weekend, I encountered something that didn't quite fit: data model changes/view updates that were not undo-able actions, such as setting the file name and saving/loading the project. The UI should still get updates for these actions, even though they shouldn't actually be ChangeItems.

So, long story short, I now propagate objects called ContextUpdates to the UI. These cover both the same changes covered by ChangeItems (now called SceneGraphChanges), but also the things mentioned above. This refactoring took a bit too do (mainly because originally I introduced a second propagation type called ProjectUpdate before realizing this better way to do things) but it's finally done. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to finish project loading this week, but I did do lots of cleanups along the way, and this architecture still appears to rule :)

Next week, expect full project loading and all the cleanup that goes with that, and then hopefully some I can finally start on a nice renderer with this thing :) (but we'll see if I get that far; lots of work stuff this week with SDC etc so who knows. Also there's some visual cleanup things I want to do now, and I haven't streamed in too long... meh, so much to do, so little time!!)