Macro & lightroom

Macro & lightroom


The motivation for this week was pretty simple. I have some interest in photography but not nearly enough to spend hundreds on a camera. So I went the cheap route and purchased some lenses for my phone to get started. If I like it enough then maybe I'll buy a real setup.

It's a pretty cool set of lenses. There's a fisheye, wide angle and macro lense:

Macro shots are what I focused on this week. I took a few shots of cool things around the house and then played with the images in lightroom. The lightroom mobile app is free and I was able to get some pretty nice results out of it. So far I like it enough that I'm considering an upgrade to the full featured desktop app.

Check them out:

Zach Harvest commented

I think I have the same lens kit for my phone lol. It's really nice to have the versatility of some simple lenses. Macro is a super fun project because you don't have to go to somewhere no one has been to get "the shot". It also introduces an entirely new way of framing your subject. Due to the high DOF and now small subjects, you have to think like a small person. Everything we shoot realistically is people sized. Texture is part of the picture, not the subject matter. When you take close up shots, you have to realize that the texture IS the subject. I especially like your basketweave. Good framing, I knew what it was, colors are nice and suited well. My favorite part is how it takes my eyes around the image. Something tricky about macro is knowing where your plane of focus is. It’s harder to place so it usually ends up skewed left to right. Macro DOF depends primarily on just two factors: aperture value and magnification. At any given aperture value, the higher the magnification ratio, the smaller the DOF. And this explains why DOF is so shallow in macro; the magnifications are simply much larger than in any other type of photography. Because you have no control over the physical aperture value, you’re kind of stuck at that focal distance and dof. But still awesome! Crazy fun. I have many hundreds of phone macro shots if you would like to look at some, just let me know! Keep it up! Can't wait to see next weeks.

on Wed Apr 20 2016 17:31:04 GMT-0400 (EDT)