Recap - PHP?

Recap - PHP?

by bau5

This is going to be a pretty short one I think.

So I've been doing all sorts of shit the last weeks but have been too much of a lazy slob to write it up. So today I set aside the last 25 minutes of my Sunday to do just that!

My classes are in full fucking panic shit get this shit cranked out mode (both the teachers and us students), so I've been hella busy. The day I finished my last game project, I started prototyping my semester project - read: you have one month to finish this good fucking luck motherfucker. It's going to be a tile based dungeon crawler game that will play more similar to Does Not Commute than anything else (Zach will get this). Here's a game design doc (prose) for some of the core features of the game.

That aside, my Software Development class that has been up to this point a totally legit CS class where we learn lots about coding and do cool really transformative stuff literally just talking about the project that we now only also have a month to do - do you sense a theme? I do 🙃 Anyways, we're doing a "collaborative online code editor" which yeah good luck. At this point it's just a project idea sharing website. You can take a look at the placeholder website here or WIP demo of some features here. This is what prompted me saying "fuck html" in #programming earlier this week. Really, fuck it. I like the PHP part of it! It's real neat, and I think I like it more than how we're doing it here on with Javascript and stuff? But anyways it's fun to learn something new! Especially in the whole web design stuff.

So really that's it, I unfortunately don't have much to show for it in other regards :( What i've been doing hasn't produced much in the way of fancy images to look at, but feel free to poke around the website thing.

Struggle on!

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